My second daily prompt, this time, I had to google it because I had no idea of what it meant.

Turns out that qualm means “an uneasy feeling of doubt, worry or fear” and that brings me to think this word can relate to everyone. War looming over us, ransomware taking over servers, governments spying on us and if anyone has seen Defcon, they know how easily hackers can ruin our lives.

Got a bit intense there, but it’s (subjectively) the reality, and that’s the purpose of this blog I don’t want this to be only my happy side. I all ways say to my friends when they deal with their hardships, recognise it but don’t let it take over, just understand and don’t let it affect you. Move on, keep walking, keep breathing.

Ready? Back to the easily hackable lives, then. I saw some of their social engineering and, it’s scary. A woman got on the phone of a phone company that this person uses and she played baby crying noises and started saying that she’s busy, the baby’s crying, she just wants to get this done and her partner forgot to add her. She then asks to add her, change the password and lock the person out. Like that, she can control their things. Imagine if they can change something more important like find email passwords or bank accounts.

Here’s a video that explains a lot, even that social engineering woman. <link>

I know a lot of people have ways of protecting from this or opinions on stuff like government spying, so I’d like to have a conversation of sorts in this post. What scares you about this? How do you protect yourself from this?

Thanks for reading 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Qualm


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