My opinion on change

Change, to me, is good. I love it when my apps have updated or when I wake up to a new update on my devices. (I despise waiting for them to update though) I remember when YouTube would change it’s layout and all my friends would be angry, no matter how much I pretended not to, I was always secretly happy. I used to get confused when people disliked change (except when it’s bad change, that I understood) But now that I’ve been through some rather sad things in my life I understand it more; when I look back to how things used to be, I see the things I left behind, things that remind me of old memories. I think that when something changes, it can make you sad… They are taking away something you’re attached to, maybe a channel layout that reminded you of your favourite channel or the place you played as a child.

I know I’ve had more change in my life than most people, I moved countries twice and moved houses way too many times when I was younger. I know I have memories there, it feels strange when I walk past those houses, but I let it go. I just wish I knew how I could do this with other things in my life (I might just get back to you with an answer on that!)

Anyway that’s it for now, but I’m leaving you with a question: Do you like change?


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