Panicked – VIDEO

I actually managed to join a idea of a post I had with the daily prompt. The idea I had was I wanted to talk about the vlog I made because, well, I hate it. After rendering the vlog two weeks ago I just couldn’t bring myself to even watch it.

I feel like I can make better vlogs than that and I shouldn’t post it. That’s why I didn’t post it, I guess I could consider it as though I panicked. And to be honest, it’s not easy to see yourself and not judge because, of course, you know your own flaws best.

But I thought about it and decided to show a couple of my friends that speak English, and they seem to actually like it. It actually made me change my mind. It’s still terrible to me, but it can be some kind of base… terribleness, kind of like a “I can do better than this” or “It can only get better” thing. And it’s true, the more I make these vlogs, the better I get at making them.

So here’s the vlog:


via Daily Prompt: Panicked ( I forgot to publish this yesterday)


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