I saw that there’s a blog here that makes ‘daily prompts’, which are like a word that they give and you have to make a post about it. I just saw a blog I read write a post using this daily prompt so, I’m using it as motivation to do one too! Today’s word is ‘Control‘.

Reading this word I imagine control over a situation or something in my life. Or maybe when I don’t have control, like when I went to record a podcast… and they were changing the floors outside! That was annoying, but then again, “Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong” (That’s murphy’s law by the way).

Anyway, control is important but I’m not always in control. Sometimes I just want to mindlessly browse the internet, sometimes I can’t make myself wake up early, workout or eat healthily. This is why I rely on my schedules and plans, humans are so weak that lack of planning can make everything go downhill.

But recently I’ve noticed I have my control back; I have a workout routine, I’m working on jogging plans, I have times for internet use, graphic design and it’s even helped me go out with friends more.

This is just another quick post, the real ones are coming (they’re being planned)


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