A crazy week

I have been so busy this week! I have new changes to my daily plans, new things and books to study at college and more personal projects. Let’s talk about how crazy and project-filled next week will be.

First of all, I’m catching back up on my Daily design. I’ve missed a bunch, and now I owe four posts. I have a list of things I want to design, so prepare yourself for more! They are also moving to my Instagram: @guido_js

Secondly, a vlog… for sure this time. I’m leaving the first vlog as a practice because I don’t like it (but If you want to see, just ask and I might post it) But this time, I plan to vlog another trip to the radio station, a rosary in English with some Brazilians and maybe, just maybe, the practice at the choir.

Finally, me and my friend Daniel Buccini from 1 real a hora are going to star a podcast named The Plebcast, and it might just be ridiculously political and meme filled. I’m sorry.


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