Wide awake

I’m drinking coffee, lots of coffee. Tonight, I have to stay awake.

I’m at a bed and breakfast, doing a night shift and now I’ve decided to write down what’s going on in my head. Hopefully for me, I’ll survive… But that’s boring and I’m an early bird, so this will probably be my melodramatic descent into madness. (Guido from the future: “certainly not, but I think it’s interesting”)

23:30 (11:30 pm) – I’m ready

Half of the rooms have checked in and my built-in awkwardness toward Brazilians hasn’t been helping me talk to them at all. I have two cups of coffee in case my body decides to disagree with not sleeping tonight. The people who work here left me notes on how the things here work and I’ve tried to study the notes, so I can feel completely prepared… To do nothing for another six and a half hours. At least I got through two and a half.

(I didn’t write for the 21:00 [9:00 pm] part, which was basically the woman who works in the evening showing me around.)

01:00 (1:00 am) – People & Insomnia

I tried talking to some friends online (they happen to have opposite times to me) but I didn’t get to talk much. So I decided to read an e-book, I chose War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. By the sixth page, someone came and sat on the sofa at the reception with me… and they started reading a pamphlet…

By the time I got to page ten of my book (yes, I continued reading, what did you expect?) the air con started making some noise (someone must have thought their room is too hot or something) and the person sitting next to me commented on its loudness. I must have uttered something like a “yeah, sure”. Somehow, that little thing branched off into a whole conversation about sleeping and insomnia. I found out that the person had problems with their sleep, which explain why they were at the reception, and we started talking and we had a pretty pleasant conversation.

I eventually ended up finding a way to help the person sleep, and I made me so happy to see that I helped someone!

Just for updates sake: I’ve drunk one of the two cups of coffee when I noticed myself yawning. Anyway, I’ll go back to reading but I’m thinking of making some illustrations.

03:00 (3:00 am) – Illustration and reading

There wasn’t a single person out of the rooms, so I decided to make illustrate something that helped me today; coffee.

It’s the first time I do an object without tracing an image or using lots of reference images. Anyway, turns out, there is a mass at 03:00, which means people started coming out and gathering before leaving as a group. I got some curious looks at the screen, but I didn’t mention it, so they didn’t really ask.

Back to the book: it’s okay, but the way it’s written feels slow (for someone who’s been drinking coffee). Speaking of which, I have no more now. Hope the coffee lasts three hours like the last two!

I know that from now the people are going to be more active towards dawn, since there are people from the nearby places walking (and talking loudly) in the street.

05:00 (5:00 am) – Almost there

Hmm, I honestly expected more than me just adapting to this. This could have gone much better, but I think I’m okay with what I got.

One of the things that irritates me the most is when I’m the only one awake, and ever since I was a kid I’ve always been the one to wake up earlier than everyone else, and of course, I would wake them up too (Something that my sister didn’t really like. I honestly think I started using our pets to wake her up at some point). But I think staying here is something I needed, kind of like a shock to the system. I’m going to write some more about what I think once I get home and I’m actually thinking without caffeine interfering.

06:00 (6:00 am) – Going home

I was almost starting to fall asleep when my shift finally ended and I got to go home. During the bike ride home I didn’t actually feel sleepy, but when I put my bike in the garage and sat on the sofa with my cat, I instantly fell asleep. At some point I moved to my bed and I have just woken up at 10 am.

The person with insomnia:

They were really happy because today they got to sleep properly, they’re going back to their home town today so I just hope I made a trip a little better.


This is my first time doing this, and it wasn’t as easy. Maybe if I was completely alone, didn’t have WiFi, illustrator or just didn’t have books, this could have been scary and hard. But it wasn’t, it was just the things I have difficulty doing being confronted: Talking to groups of people, being the only one awake, even not being able to sing started to annoy me (Know what? I’m gonna be singing all day today, that was really irritating. Maybe I can start working on my falsetto more). But after all that, in conclusion:

I might be different or the same, but I’ve experienced something new that I can use to help me in my day to day life. No matter how long you stay awake, how little sleep you had, If you didn’t get to sing or be somewhere else; there is always the future. Your shift will end, maybe someone will be kind or you’ll be able to sleep well at home, maybe I’ll have the perfect falsetto by this afternoon. At the end of it all, I finally know; things do and can get better.

Have an awesome day!


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